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Olive Green Long Sleeve Tee (Original Design)

Olive Green Long Sleeve Tee (Original Design)

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Learn About your New Long Sleeve Tee
This Olive Green Long Sleeve Tee is made with 100% cotton but don't worry it will only shrink a little on the first wash. Not even enough for you to really notice. The Olive Green Tee with the matching HYPER CB logos helps this shirt have a quite look to it. So if you're a hunter this shirt is perfect to wear while you're out on the land. 

This shirt is casual enough for small get togethers and warm enough for slightly brisk days. If you're looking for a good long sleeve to wear to the gym or work, this is the one for you.

How to Wash It
Flip the Shirt Inside out before putting it in the washing machine. Keeping shirts and their logos from rubbing together helps them last longer. Make sure you're using cold water and a delicate cycle option. The colder and softer the machine runs the longer and better looking your shirt will stay. You're good to throw it in the dryer but make sure you have other clothes in there as well.
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