The Dangers of Fast Fashion

The Dangers of Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion is a real problem in the world today. Too many brands are producing clothing quickly and cheaply so they are able to sell them as cheap as possible. This is a negative for you, the consumer and the environment. With a lot of these clothes falling apart quickly you are forced to buy something new. This keeps you coming back for more and puts more clothing in our landfills. The way to avoid this is by buying quality when possible.

The environmental and societal impact of Fast Fashion has gotten worse in recent years, but there seems to be a positive shift with the younger generation. A large number seem to be valuing quality at a much higher level than before and are willing to spend more for something that will last.

How to fight Fast Fashion
Whether it's clothing or bags there are certain materials that just last longer. When it comes to clothing you want to avoid things made out of polyester. It's a cheap, low quality material that will degrade and fall apart after just a few wears.

The most durable materials to buy a bag in are full-grain leather, canvas, nylon and polyester. My suggestion is to find a company that offers more than a two year warranty on their bags. If a company is willing to cover any defects then you know they are using high-quality materials.

Another option to avoid falling into the Fast Fashion trap is to buy vintage clothing or bags. By recycling products and giving them a second life you can save money, have a vintage style, and help keep clothing out of landfills.

What to Avoid
When shopping for clothes you should do your best to avoid buying from Fast Fashions stores like H&M; or Forever 21. Unless you need something specific right away these are the types of stores that are changing out items frequently to create the urgency for you to buy.

To help reduce your exposure to Fast Fashion items and still get yourself a good deal, wait until store's have sales before you buy anything.

Our Goal
We don't want to be a part of the Fast Fashion industry at HYPER. At times you may feel our clothing is overpriced but we promise it's because we are doing things to help fight Fast Fashion and help save the environment.

We are sourcing only the best materials for our clothing and will only sell products that we believe in. We are a made to order company to avoid any possible waste or having to run bulk sales each season to get rid of inventory.

Everything we sell is something that we are proud to wear ourselves. Whether you buy from us or another company that creates quality clothing we thank you for fighting against Fast Fashion to help ensure that our environment and the workers who are making clothes are better taken care of.

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