About Us

You've stumbled across this page, because you want to know who we are, and why we exist, and why you should wear our clothing. Good news for you, I have all those answers. Oh, this is Shawn by the way!

We are a brand starting out by using free office space, with all of our money going to towards products, employees, our cause. So we ask that bear with us as we find our footing, get a good flow of inventory in, and add more and more products. 

Who are We (Our Values)
We hope that we are able to bring value to you in more than just the products we create and are able to share our life experiences and faith with you. To get to know us even better, keep an eye out for our blogs as we share our thoughts on things we are passionate about.

Why we Exist (The Mission)
HYPER CB exists for a few reasons. Trey and I are just two dad's who decided that we wanted to build our own clothing brand that was fully inclusive to the everyday man and woman. We wanted to design clothing that looks good, feels good, and you can wear in everyday. Our goal is to make sure that every piece of clothing or other item is made of the highest quality material, and is comfortable to wear, carry, and use.

The definition of Hyper is as follows...

  1. over; beyond; above.

    • exceeding.
    • excessively; above normal.

We are going to do everything we can to make sure that when you buy something from us, you don't question the quality of it, and it's more comfortable than anything else you could have bought.

The hope is that we can build a community and we want to know what you like or dislike on each item you buy. So make sure you leave a review for that product and shoot us an email with your feedback, suggestions, and anything you'd like to see us come out with to (I really hope you read that in your best Sloth voice from the Goonies!).

Why should you wear our Brand (Our Cause)
We all need clothing, but for a lot of us we want to make sure that the brand we are wearing has similar values, beliefs, and a mission that matches our own. I mean at the end of the day, we're asking you to be a walking billboard for HYPER CB and aside from offering you some of the most comfortable clothing possible, we want to make sure we have a mission and values that make you proud to wear our brand.

You've already read about Our Values and The Mission, now I want to tell you about the cause we are supporting and at the end of the day the one you are too when you buy our clothes.

Being two young dads, our daughters mean the world to us and we want them to have every opportunity to find their passion in life so they never truly have to work a day in their life. We also want to give those kids that don't have the same opportunities as others that chance as well. So each year we are pledging 5% of our profits to help kids across the US in some way. We also want to hear from you if you have a school or youth organization that needs donations of some sort, please email us at and we'll see if we can help in anyway!